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Gum Disease

Gum Disease, also know as periodontal disease, is an infection of the gums surrounding the teeth.  Gum disease is one of the top reasons for tooth loss in adults.  Most of the time, there will be no pain associated with periodontitis and many patients do not know they have the disease.

Gum Disease is caused by plaque and calculus above and below the gums.  The plaque is a sticky form of bacteria that adhere to teeth. The calculus or tartar is hardened dental plaque.

Periodontal disease forms below the gums and causes bone destruction around teeth.  When the pockets around the teeth increase in size, there is more room for bacteria to live in the gums.  There are two stages of periodontal disease: Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

Gingivitis – is the 1st stage of gum disease and is reversible.  The signs of gingivitis are red, swollen, and puffy gums.  Usually the gums will bleed during brushing and flossing.


Periodontitis – When left untreated, gingivitis will advance into periodontitis, causing bone and gums loss.  The bone and gums that support the teeth seldom grow back by themselves.

The best way to combat against bone and gum lost is to maintain regular dental visits, practice good oral hygiene, and maintain good overall health.

Treatment for Periodontal disease

Scaling and Root Planning, also know as deep cleaning, is a procedure that will remove calculus, plaque, and bacteria from the pockets of the gums.  The goal of this procedure is to remove the bacteria so the gums can heal.  Hopefully this will create smaller pockets and thus less room for the bacteria to live in.  Antimicrobial mouth rinse can be recommended to help control bacteria levels.  This mouth rinse should be used with proper oral hygiene.

If you are showing signs of periodontal disease, stop it in its track. Call and schedule a consult with Dr. Joseph Passamano to see if Scaling and Root Planning could be an effective approach for you.  Call 949-572-7708.