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A bridge replaces a missing tooth.  The procedure is to prepare one tooth on each side of the missing tooth for a crown.  The teeth adjacent the missing tooth will share the load of the missing teeth.  Then the lab fabricates a bridge that will connect both sides.  The finished result is an esthetic replacement.

Bridge vs. Implants – The Big Debate

Implant and bridges function very differently, but both replace missing teeth.


Bridge Advantage

  • To complete a bridge procedure will take approximately a few weeks.
  • The bone height/width of missing tooth area is not a factor.

Bridge Disadvantage

  • The crown teeth of the bridge share extra forces and can cause bone loss.
  • Cleaning under a bridge is more difficult.


Implant Advantages

  • The adjacent teeth are not needed for support.
  • Implants are more conservative.
  • Implants are easier to clean.
  • Implants generally last longer than bridges.

Implant Disadvantage

  • Implants take longer to complete.